figure #5

here is another figure I have done.  I have also included the drawing process leading up to the painting.

2013-04-07 22.11.24

This is also 380 x 280 mm on Arches 300 gm hot pressed.

Here is the first sketch:

2013-04-19 13.12.26

The second:

2013-04-19 13.12.12

The third:

2013-04-19 13.11.50


2013-04-19 13.12.54

and fifth – OK here I got bored and wanted a change of topic (well sort of)

2013-04-19 13.13.04


2013-04-19 13.13.15

and here is the final before painting where I took it a little slower with a sharper pencil:

2013-04-19 13.13.31





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