Figure #4


2013-04-13 18.27.07Here is a watercolour figure I did from a photo off the web.  I was almost finished when I realised the bikini was painted on so I just left it off.  An occupational hazard of downloading photos to paint.   All in all I feel I have taken a step forward in understanding figures so – well there you are.

The painting is on Arches Hot pressed 300gm and is 380 x 280 mm

Here are the preparatory sketches I did:


2013-04-13 18.25.04and #2 – I actually almost prefer this pencil sketch.  It was a lot of fun working on this.

2013-04-13 18.25.19



4 thoughts on “Figure #4

  1. This watercolour is exquisitely beautiful !

    Showed it to the drawing group this morning (insidently your brothers old group before he deserted us for farther fields)and the response was ‘Wow”.

    I love your work especially the figure work.

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