This morning I had a chance to go down to The Pipe to do a painting.



This is 180x280mm on 185g Arches Cold Pressed.

I have been battling with a lung infection for over a week now.  it has improved to the level of a dry cough so this morning when Aura and Sinead went for a walk on the beach I went and sat in the sun to paint.  It was nice to chat to some of my mates and others as they passed.  Cosmic Mike came and chatted while he waited for Scottish Mike to arrive.  He is keen to wheel out his mother’s Watercolour kit he said.

Sinead is going off to study medicine tomorrow and had quite a bit to do so I was told not to hold up proceedings.  So I did this in about 30 minutes.  It was good to stop when I did as I was in danger of overworking this.  However I can see little bits I could work on.  I also tried to introduce some dark highlights but the scene really is medium tone.  There is scope to add details to the poles and under the walk-way.  Maybe next time I will sit a little closer and make this a more central feature of the painting.

Right now I am getting ready for another workshop in Town tomorrow.  I will be working at a venue near Kirstenbosch Gardens – under the Eastern face of Table Mountain – mmm – must take a sketch kit…


4 thoughts on “20130122Pipe

  1. I hope you’re feeling better. Almost everyone here has been ill this winter, including me.

    I haven’t dropped by for a while and I’ve just ‘Followed’ you on Twitter. My next step is to subscribe.

    • Hello Leslie – it is great to see you here – heh heh yes The Pipe – what a place. Last week I saw a shark out behind the break. The water was crystal clear and it swam right under me. A small one – about as big as me. I am keen to get down there again soon for some painting. You have been doing some interesting work there – I hope this weekend has been full and rich for you.

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