Summer solstice

It is Summer solstice and we are cooking down here in the Cape.  Last night to celebrate we went with friends to spend a night at Kogelbaai beach.  It was all a bit of rush and we were a bit disorganised but it was a beautiful evening.  I managed to do a little painting before it got dark and another early this morning before we got going.

20121222Solstice Caves Beach rocksIt was a beautiful evening and though our friends were keen to sit around the fire to chat I was ready to sleep so I lay in my sleeping bag and watched the stars.  The Southern Cross was up and the pointers were just over the Kogelberg when I dropped off.  Orion’s belt was showing above the cliffs over Caves Beach.  In fact Orion’s belt tracked along the top of the cliffs throughout the night.  Sometime in the early hours the moon went down and the stars shone brightly.  The Southern Cross and the pointers turned elegantly round the Southern Pole through the night.  And at about 04:00 I saw a meteor before drifting off to sleep again.  It was all very pleasant.  The waves crashed through the night and now and again I saw the lights of a car  coming from Pringle bay.

In the morning I got up early enough to do the second painting.  As the team were making coffee we packed our sacks and headed for the car to return to be in time for church.

3 thoughts on “Summer solstice

  1. Hi Stephen, Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas.

    Beautiful paintings. So funny to think you’re at the beach and we are all bundled up in winter coats with snow flurries.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Hi Leslie – yes we are sweltering here today – which I love. I get so cold in Winter – though you guys would laugh at our puny temperatures. Thanks for the note – I am hoping to go down there again soon.

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