Geraniums and Spekbooms in the Little Karoo

No now it really is time for me to start posting my work here again.  This has been a hectic year but, it is time to go again.

This is from the stoep of Smitswinkel – between Oudtshoorn and Calitzdorp.

I spent the weekend with friends in George as I met with a new client there.  On Saturday morning Ted and Sue decided to head out to Calitzdorp to pick apricots on a farm there.  Apparently the farmers allow the public to come and pick every year.  So I joined them.

On the way back I persuaded the guys to stop off at Smitswinkel – a roadside coffee shop to have a pancake and a cup of tea.  Also so I could do a quick sketch.  I knew I would not  have much time so I went as fast as I could.  There was quite a bit of detail what with the pillars holding up the roof and the fences and plants – and all the rafters – too much so I could not put it all in.  They had a brightly coloured geranium in a pot on the wall just next to me and there was a row of spekboom (Portulacaria afra) planted at the edge of the stoep.  They call it elephants food in the Eastern Cape.  A pleasant little scene.

The sound of the cars passing on the road reminded me of my hitch-hiking days and I just plugged along at the painting.  The lady in the shop showed us a painting someone had done of her.   We all agreed did not do her or the place justice.

As I worked some farmers pulled up in bakkies and sat on the stoep drinking beer.   How did I know they were farmers?  They were talking shop.  Some guys Bonsmara bull – “een van die oue tipes met lig bruin…”  heh heh – it was so pleasant.  Apparently they were gathering for their year-end function where they were driving up in to the hills in the picture to have a braai and kuier for the evening.

All too soon the spell waned and we had to go…


4 thoughts on “Geraniums and Spekbooms in the Little Karoo

    • Hi Leslie

      You are so good at catching up.
      I am keen to post the work I have done in the last few months – it has all been so hectic that I have not had the energy to prepare posts for this blog.
      I am coming to visit your side.


    • Hi Carol thanks for dropping by. I am keen to log all of the work I have done recently. It has been a full year though so we shall see. I am enjoying your notes and paintings from your recent holiday.

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