Here are two paintings I did at Wortelgat, yesterday afternoon and this morning.   The first I did yesterday.

This is on 300gm Arches cold pressed and is 280x380mm.

Wortelgat is a nature reserve on the seaward side of the Eastern shore of Hermanus lagoon.  Wotelgat literally means ‘Root-hole’, probably from someone finding a spring inbetween the roots of trees or something.  I was there to speak at a church camp, on 1 Corinthians chapter 12 which is really about chapter 13.  I worked with a group of people to turn it into a bit of workshop rather than me holding forth – so it was quite fun.

And it was just so good to sit quietly and paint in the afternoon.  Though I was really keen to have a snooze.

This morning I got up (not all that) early and walked round the lagoon a little further and did this painting:

This is also on 300gm Arches cold pressed and is 280x380mm.

There was a raging North West wind blowing but I was able to shelter behind some rocks and milkwoods.  The rocks are limestone boulders from the calcrete shelf underlying the whole peninsula.  My friend Pat explained to me how the limestone supports an assemblage of vegetation unique in the whole world.  This is quite cool I thought.


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