A drowsy afternoon at The Pipe

We had a beautiful day in The Cape yesterday.  After a stormy, rainy, chilly week, we had a bright,warm sunny day.  It has been a busy week and it was great to go down to The Pipe and sit in the sun and paint.  Here is the watercolour I produced:

This is 560x380mm on Arches Cold Pressed.

It was really good to be down at the beach.  I was tired out from a long week, a late night and an early start so as I sat down to paint I realised it was going to be hard work.  And to make it worse, the mountains kept changing shape.  You won’t have look too carefully to see many attempts at getting the shapes right in pencil.  (Blasted mountains).  There is so much detail in the cliffs and slopes.  I spent a greater part of my painting time working on the colours and shapes.  And towards the end of the painting I really started to look forward to a snooze so I left out the poles in the dune in front of me.

The waves were just starting to wash over the berm as I sat down so I tried to capture the glistening pools on the beach.  The sea was an untidy brown from the winter rivers and there was a nice swell running.  The surfers were having some great waves.  I am looking forward to when my knee is well enough to go out again.  But also – it is so good to be painting again.


6 thoughts on “A drowsy afternoon at The Pipe

    • Yeah it’s annoying hey? You’d think they could accommodate just a little.
      mmm – my knee – I stepped off a skateboard wrong and twisted it around.
      But it’s better now.

      nice to see you painting too

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