The pipe – after a long break

My records show that I have not painted at The Pipe for 11 months! Can this be?  This has been a different year.  Lots of work and lots of surfing and not so much watercolour.  But yesterday I decided it was time.

This is 380×560 and is on Arches 300gm Rough.

Yesterday I had cabin fever and was feeling a bit washed out.  And because of a skateboarding injury I can’t surf for a little while.  So I decided to make the most of the sunny afternoon and go down to The Pipe to paint a watercolour.  It was a lovely afternoon with a light South Easter – well it was dropping.  And it was just so good to sit in the sun again and look at the beach and the mountains.  There was a group nearby who were doing a photo-shoot, each taking turns to direct.  They had a Turtle suit which they also took turns to wear.  It was great just to be aware of them without watching and to slowly get organised, sketch and paint.

I was keen to capture the vegetation on the dune in front of me.  Maybe one day I will do a detailed sketch of those leaves.  It is looking so healthy after all the rain we have had.  And the flowers are out.


4 thoughts on “The pipe – after a long break

  1. Hi Stephen, YAY! So happy to see a new painting. Thought you fell off the ends of the earth. 🙂 And how many times have i told you that you are too old for skateboarding. Leave that to your kids.

    Another lovely pipe painting. I was immediately drawn to the vegetation in the foreground and that beautiful swath of blue water along the horizon line. I don’t want to wait so long to see another painting. Hope all is well with you and the family.

    • mmm – I think you may be right with this – the knee incident was very painful. It is just such a lovely feeling – it feels like flying. thanks for the notes on my painting – it really was quite special to be down there again. I am loving the work you have been doing. For some reason I cannot leave a note – some wordpress error. We just gotta keep painting hey.

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