Light and Colour

This morning I did my ‘Light and Colour’ presentation for the Helderberg Sunrise Rotary club.  And it really was ‘Sunrise’.  The venue was at the clubhouse of the Erinvale golf estate right under the Helderberg mountain.  When I arrived the mountain was just starting to get light.  What a stunningly beautiful venue.  And what a friendly group of people.  A great session.  A guy called Jim told the group he had a donation of 10 000 shoes from TOMS who donate a pair of shoes for every pair they sell.  Jim explained that he had discovered that wearing shoes is not about keeping feet warm as much as it is about being elevated from the dreadful sense that “I will never amount to anything – I can’t even have a pair of shoes” that pervades the poorer communities in the Helderberg Basin.

Anyway I was given 20 minutes to talk and do my painting so I had to motor.  I think I went a little over time but they were gracious and allowed me to make my final point.  Here is the painting I created this morning:

Taking my presentation from 50 minutes to 20 was a significant shift, and a good one.  I refined my delivery.  After my first try out I realised I only had time for the bare-essentials.  Which is a good feeling.  I spent the day yesterday practicing how it would fit together.  Here are my versions, from last to first.

All of these are watercolour on Arches 300gm Cold Pressed and are 280×380 mm – except for the first which is 400x380mm.

I was keen to paint more sky.  The idea being to show that in Watercolour you get the conditions right and then put the colour on and let it do its own thing, without fiddling.  This I sought to compare with teams, where you need to put in place five conditions and then stand back and allow the teams to work out their own way within the framework these five conditions create.  However the ‘portrait’ format did not fit the video screen well so I reduced the sky.  Mmmm – gotto think of a better solution.

In any case I plan to finish some of these a little more and repost them.



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