Plains at Thaba Nchu

Here is a quick posting of the studio version of the plains at Thaba Nchu near Bloemfontein.  There is a special zone in the middle distance where the right amount of detail can bring a painting to life.  I want to give this another go soon:

mmmm – the colours were not that saturated – must be the flash.  And the undulating landscape makes me feel a little seasick – heh heh – next time

This is on Arches 300gm Cold Pressed – 280x390mm


2 thoughts on “Plains at Thaba Nchu

  1. Your comment abou an undulating landscape making you sick cracked me up this morning, Stephen. I like the movement in the land in the foreground. I can picture the foreground with softer color to it so thank you for that comment about the saturation and the camera. I like this whole scene. The contrast between the sky and the land and that thin dividing line of trees and shrubs in the distance reminding us of the fine line between both. This is an awesome project.

    • Hey Leslie – thanks for that – it is a great scene to paint. I would like to capture the sense of distance. Our national anthem talks about the “ver verlate vlaktes” which means “far lost flats” (translated by the person next to me as “you are really ***** lost – you are not coming back”) and I would love to capture that feeling in the scene.

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