Passion Project – the arrest

Here is my work from Thursday night.  It is the same scene as last year but with different composition.  Actually, there is some polishing to be done but I will think about that in the next few days.  I was keen to do more but the last couple of weeks have been quite full so I chose not to.  What can I say?  The flesh is indeed weak.

And here is the video I made of the painting:

Editing these movies takes a long time.   I also need to find a source of music.  This needs a good sound-track

3 thoughts on “Passion Project – the arrest

  1. Stephen, for your soundtrack, I recommend My Deliverer is Coming, by Rich Mullins. Here is a youtube of the original with some visuals (I’m not crazy about the visuals, so you could just listen to the song). You can probably find a version with just the background and no lyrics…

  2. Hi, again, Stephen. I forgot to say in my former comment that I love the emotion you have woven into this piece. I can feel the tension of the crowd and the motion and chaos of the moment.

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