Lesotho March 2012

Last week this time I was working with a most interesting and energetic team at Malalea Lodge in Lesotho.   I had my smallest watercolour set with me, as well as some sheets of paper, but did not have a chance to sit and paint at the Lodge.  We worked really hard.  It was wonderful.  But I suffer from interaction fatigue and I was thankful that I had a few hours to relax the next day.

I left Maseru early on Sunday morning to return to Cape Town and had a morning to take it easy before my flight to from Bloemfontein.  Although it was raining when I crossed the border, I took a dirt road of the main route and drifted slowly through the undulating farmlands.  The road took me back to the river I had crossed to leave Lesotho.  The drizzle slowly let up and I found a field sloping down the river where I could sit and appreciate the view.  The farmers in the area use the lenticular blocks of Cave Sandstone (from the Clarins Formation) to create the corner fence posts and gate posts for their fields.  So I decided to paint this one.

As I sat and painted the Sunday Morning sounds from Maseru drifted across the valley, snatches of music, women ululating and a marching band.  Distant and an unobtrusive.  A farmer cruised past in his bakkie. We waved a greeting.  What a pleasant morning.  Just a little everyday magic.

The painting is on Arches 300gm paper and is 190x280mm.  the blotches on the paper are from the light rain that fell as I sat on rock to paint.  (When I finished the painting I put the rock back where I found it – which I think is the polite thing to do.)

You can see exactly where I sat on Google Maps at 29°14’59.47″S and 27°31’16.63″E – which I think is quite cool.

When I had finished I cruised ever so lazily to Ladybrand and on to the N8 to Bloem.

I stopped near Botshabelo to change and pack my stuff for flying.  I had a very short time so I did this little painting of the plains.  I was a bit pre-occupied about getting on the flight which shows I think.

I will try another from the photo I took.  The veld was so full of subtle colours.  This is on the same paper as the first.

And then I tootled off to Bloem and flew home to my dear wife and kids.


4 thoughts on “Lesotho March 2012

  1. I really like your fencepost painting with the wires of the fence diminishing into the distance, Ryan, but I am totally intrigued with what you tried to do with the plains watercolor. A true master to pass on the peaceful restfulness of a barren scene such as that. I will totally look forward to what you come up with from the photo. What a great challenge.

    • Hey Leslie – thanks for this encouragement – I am going to give it a try this weekend. I was kind of looking over my shoulder as I worked – Yes – lets see what the weekend holds

  2. Stephen, I love your paintings and you make me laugh. I, too, suffer from interaction fatigue. All the time. Too many people here that I have to interact with. I very much like your fence post painting and your story while painting. Your plains painting is very peaceful.

    • Hi Carol – thanks for the note – it was so good to sit and paint again – So you also fatigue out on people – I love the people I deal with but at the end of a session I am quite incoherent. It is good to be able to chat here now that I have got my site back – this is the second time I have been hacked – what a pain.

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