Are you trapped in a monochrome palette

Last week Carol sent me an e-mail in which she made it quite clear that no painting since 01 January was just not good enough!!!  She completed the note by saying “Don’t make me come over there!”  Now just to understand, it would be wonderful to show her and her husband around this side.  But I could tell this was a more serious business.  heh heh  (o:

Well that got me going.

At the same time I decided it was time to market my “life in light and colour” presentation.  So I designed a short YouTube video to talk about what I was trying to achieve with the presentation.  While I was working I lost my camera in an absent-minded  moment.  So I had to make a plan.  This is the rig I created.  I was going to use bubble-gum to complete the jury-rigness but that could have been messy for my android:

Here is the video I created – eventually:

And here are the paintings.  Each of these had to fit into a 10 minute video so they were done fast.

5 thoughts on “Are you trapped in a monochrome palette

  1. Hi Stephen. I just came over here to see if you are still stuck in January : ) I assumed you were busy with your other work. Glad to see you’re painting again!

  2. Oh Stephen, You make me laugh. But I’m so happy to see there’s a new post. I loved your video and must say that I laughed out loud when I saw how you rigged your phone.

  3. Hey CK – good huh? see I am going to see if my mate Mike can make me a better rig – I am getting going again.

    How is your painting going? I am not spending any time in blog land and want to come and visit all my friends soon.
    Thanks for the energiser hey.

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