A jolly good start to 2012

Well I decided to get the year off to a good start.  We had seen the new year in on the beach at Betty’s which was very pleasant though I was not feeling so well and started off slowly the 1st of Jan. I went down for a surf later but it was really messy.  But great to be in the water.  There was a stiff North West blowing and the beach was no place to be.  So I went up to Bass Lake again sat on the tailgate of my bakkie and painted this:


Families were picnicing on the grass and again there was mellow laughter and fun all around.

This is on Arches Rough 300gm 280x380mm.

A good start to 2012 I think.


9 thoughts on “A jolly good start to 2012

  1. This is a beauty Stephen! I love the mountain against the sky. And that little bit of purple/blue for the water really pops.

    Happy New Year…I look forward to many new paintings from you this year.

    • Hi Carol
      Nice to hear from you so early in the year. May you flourish this year. Thanks for this feedback. The colours in this scene change so radically, so frequently it is tough to get them down. But it does work hey? S

  2. Hey Leslie – On the day after new year we took a walk along the contour just below the mountain. The dark strip at the foot of the mountain is un-burnt fynbos. A couple of years ago a massive fire was encroaching on Betty’s Bay from over the mountains the fire department did a back-burn from the top of the strip, upwards towards the approaching flames, which saved the town. The fresh green area is full of beautiful new growth and flowers. So I am glad I captured that. While I was walking I also came across a troup of baboons – but they didn’t bug me.

    • Hey Barry – thanks man – A bakkie is a truck I guess. It is a double cab which is useful for loading the family and the kit – it is an afrikaans word so it is pronounced ‘bucky’ (o:

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