A good end to 2011

We came through to stay with friends in Bety’s Bay for new year. It seemed like a good idea to finish the year on a high note.  Which called for a watercolour.  So I had a magic surf, then I swam across Bass Lake.  And then I sat on the roof of my bakkie and painted it.
While I sat painting, there was a hectic game of volley ball going on on the grass below with shouts of encouragement and peels of laughter.  A beautiful sound.

Here is the last painting I did in 2011:


This has been posted from my andoid phone (heh heh you guessed).  Well – I polished it up a little.

This is on 300gm Arches rough and is 280x380mm.


2 thoughts on “A good end to 2011

    • I love the sound of laughter – if only we could do it more. The droid came from an upgrade late last year and I have resolved to get some use out of it now. Fortunately I have my son Ethan to show me how it works. It really is nice technology. I have this idea of posting staged paintings from exotic locations – maybe this year.

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