Bass Lake in the afternoon

Bass Lake in the late afternoon with the sun shining below the cloud cover.  Watercolour on 300gm Arches Rough (380x560mm)

Here is another painting I have completed of Bass Lake.  One of the cottages on the dune to the right is called Maalkopsvlei.  The last time I was there someone explained that Bass Lake use to be called Maalkopsvlei.  Apparently it was a marsh and the cattle used to get stuck in the mud until only their heads stuck out (a ‘kop’ is a head, a ‘vlei’ is a marsh and ‘Maal’ is – what?  I am not sure – I thought it was a whirlpool).  Anyone feel free to help out with this.  Anyway the story continued that the locals filled the lake with sand so it is all much more shallow or something.  Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick – I tend to get quite dopey in that place – it is like magic.



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