Bass Lake morning

Bass Lake as the sun rises.  Watercolour on 300gm Arches Rough (about 280x760mm)

On Saturday I delivered a parcel of paintings to be reviewed by the client who requested the Betty’s Bay triptych.  Check out the final update to the final (till I start the next one) version.  I put in a couple of watercolours on which I had been working over the last week.  One of these was this morning scene finished as the family were in the car and the engine was running.   I had worked till the wee hours to get it done.  Dark watercolours can go horribly wrong and most of the work was about biting the bullet and doing the next wash.

These all-night painting jobs are great fun but leave me a little zonked.



8 thoughts on “Bass Lake morning

    • Hi Sonya – it is so good to hear from you again – never mind about the spelling. Well I am still going yes – hoping to get more done this year. I see you have been working hard your side, creating your evocative landscapes.

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