Betty’s Bay Triptych

And here is how it looks on the eve of delivery – A BEEG job – but fun!

Here is another triptych of the view down the beach at Betty’s Bay looking toward Dawidskraal.

These are painted on full sheets of Arches 300gm rough – each sheet is 760x560mm


7 thoughts on “Betty’s Bay Triptych

    • Hi Leslie – thanks so much for this – it was such a beautiful morning and I was all alone as the Springboks were playing the Wallabies (Australia) and the ref (heh heh – gotta put that in too) – So I took many photos and am working through them. I am really enjoying this triptych format and have just bought some more Arches rough for another – I am keen to do a painting to capture the beautiful sky and reflections on the wet sand. This one is not quite finished yet but I have been working all weekend to prepare for workshops tomorrow and Tuesday – mmm
      Lekker to see you

  1. wow, THREE full sheets of Arches! That’s some gigantic painting. I love the water receding from the sand. The mountains are beautiful and those little houses. Who lives in those?

    • Howzit Carol – I am enjoying the big format – these use a LOT of colour though – but I am OK with this as I aim to empty my palette refill it with new colours. I have some beautiful other views. The woman to got me to do the commission told me her grandfather was one of the first people to walk on this beach and build those houses on the dune. they command a stunning view of the fynbos covered dunes and the beach – I have just bought some more arches and want to make some time (hopefully this week even) to start a new one. Lekker to see you here – how is your watercolour going?

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