This is Sam.  She is the grand-daughter of my good friend and tip-top watercolourist Mary Serrurier.  Sam models for a group of painters and offered to sit for me.  So one afternoon in between meetings in town we had a quick session.  OK portraits are hard and this is what I did from photos that I took.  This took much longer than the hour I had sitting with Sam.  Maybe its a bit over-worked.  But I am happy with this.

This is on Arches Hot Pressed and is 380x280mm

Here are the paintings I did sitting with Sam:

Here is the first.  I was a bit pre-occupied with work stuff and nervous about the whole thing of painting someone who was sitting for me.

And here is the second:
And the third:

Then I had to rush off.  Here are the practice drawings I did from a photo.  I wanted to practice the features so that the next time I could know better how her face fits together.  What can I say?  I find portraits challenging – but I really would love to get this right.  If I can do it at The Pipe surely…


6 thoughts on “Sam

  1. Very brave! Portraits are the most challenging works and also the most sensitive and meaningful. The final work is excellent. Well done!

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