Betty’s Bay Commission

On Thursday 10 November, here is how the two triptychs look:

Version 1:

Version 2:

Saturday 5 November:  I touched up quite a bit – here is how it looks:

Sunday 30 October:  here is how it looks now.  This is pretty much it, there will be touch-ups:

Each of the sheets is 300gm Arches Rough – 760x560mm

And I was listening to a selection of music by Haydn.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon working on this.  Here is how it looks now:


Last night I started on my second draft for the Commission in Betty’s Bay.  The client has asked me to accentuate the mountains.  Walking on the beach, the mountains really loom.

Here is how it looks so far:


9 thoughts on “Betty’s Bay Commission

    • Hey Barry – thanks for this. It is such a beautiful place and Triptych is a fun way to capture the panorama. I also liked version 1 and plan to do a similar scene again. There is so much colour in the sky and in the reflections. Cheers man – S

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