Bass Lake on a lazy day

This is Bass Lake in Betty’s Bay, from the Eastern end.

It is painted on 300gm Arches cold pressed (180x290mm)

Last weekend Aura and I went to spend another restful weekend with our friends in Betty’s Bay.   There is something very pleasant about lying around on Buffalo Grass, listening to a Sombre Bulbul in the trees.

I also had a chance to wander up and down the beach collecting photos for painting.   I suppose it should not be a surprise but the mood of the beach changes constantly and the clouds gather and dispel on the peak over looking the town.  What a beautiful place.

I did the painting after a rather frustrating surf.  The waves are big and fast there and I had a bit of a scary fall.  As I waited for another wave I chatted with another surfer who told me he had fallen headfirst into a sandbank.  He was paralysed and lay in the water drowning, but then he got the use of his limbs again and managed to make his way to the beach.  mmmm – not an encouraging story.

Anyway after the surf I took off my wetsuit and joined everyone for a swim in Bass Lake.  Well I sat on a low wooden walkway and chatted while they swam.  Then the urge to paint grew too strong and I stayed with Sinead and painted a picture while everyone else returned home to make lunch.  Another lovely lazy day.



10 thoughts on “Bass Lake on a lazy day

  1. That sky is beckoning to me. And the greens are beautiful. As are the reflections in the water.

    A girl I know was painting on it recently and it felt so think and hard. Like painting on cardboard. Although since I never actually painted on it, I have no idea what it’s like. I think you said you like it better the the lighter paper.

    • Hi Carol – it is so good to sit in the warm sunshine and idly splash down colour. thanks for your kind comments. I like the heavier papers as they don’t conkle so much but really, painting so small it does not make that much difference. Sometimes I just grab what I have on hand.

  2. The lake looks like glass. I’m there through your description and awesome painting of the area, Stephen. Does look like a lazy day. Stay safe with that surfing and steer clear of sandbanks, please!

  3. Beautiful sky and great back ground. It amazes me how much your work has changed in the two years I’ve been blogging. Bravo!

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