Tonight’s work – now I am going squint and can’t see what I am doing anymore.

You can see it was still wet when I took the photo.  The graininess is from my French Ultramarine which grew a fungus in the palette because it stood too long – and it was sealed so it stayed damp – and this seemed to chow all the binder – gum arabic or whatever it was.

I will see if it needs touch ups tomorrow

Well I thought it did – now that I can see again – and here it is:


6 thoughts on “Figure

  1. I’m sorry that I laughed at your moldy french ultramarine, but I did not laugh at all at this beautiful painting. Her face is exquisite. So delicate. Did you use a photo or a model?

    • hey Carol – thanks for that – no the mould is really quite funny – sad in a way as it means the paint is standing too long. How long does it have to stand to grow mould?????!!!! not a good sign hey. Anyway – no this is from a photo – I am ready to work with a model now. Just to make the time.

  2. This is a great portrait. I like the ones that include hands, also. Learned a trick about palettes and not growing mold from a workshop. If you use a covered palette, you can just slide your paint palette in the freezer, Stephen. It will retain the moisture that is there. Just have to wait a bit for it to warm up when you are ready to paint again. Yes, have had to do that, recently with mine. It works.

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