Spring evening at The Pipe

A spring evening at The Pipe.  Painted on 185gm Arches Cold Pressed – 280x190mm.

Well it has been a long week and today I woke up really dopey and then went off for a meeting in Cape Town.  I met with a new team to talk with a team about a new opportunity that may just lie in the space between my two worlds.  When I got back I wanted to go for a surf but The Pipe was looking small.  Anyway I was feeling listless and mooched around on the beach a while before I decided to sit in my old place and paint the view.  My records indicate it has been almost three months since I painted at The Pipe.  So this felt good.

While I was painting a mechanical engineering student came and chatted about his desire to learn to paint in watercolour.  Well, I know what that feels like.   So I just encouraged him to follow this passion sooner rather than later.   Well it is not going to let go ever!!!

Tomorrow I will take a better photo of the painting.


4 thoughts on “Spring evening at The Pipe

  1. I happen to be that ‘student’. I really like your work! Its a wonderful inspiration, I will definitely get back to you when I find the time to take up lessons and start painting in watercolour.

    Best wishes.

    • Hi Guy
      Good to hear from you here. Please do stay in touch. You have some serious exams coming up I know. But the world could easily do with a few more engineers with the empathy for watercolour. I have taught a class once before and am working towards doing it again.
      All the best

    • yeah – we are walming up – I am sitting working in shorts today –
      Yesterday we had huge swell at The Pipe the whole beach in the picture was a lagoon of wave wash and froth – and blue bottles the size of, what?, of beer bottles – Cheers hey

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