Lunch with Simon

Here is the drawing I did of the sermon where Jesus had lunch with Simon the Pharisee and the woman came in and washed his feet with tears and poured a bottle of perfume over them.

I think she intended to slip in and pour the perfume and slip out but Jesus was such a loving person and I think one look from him or at him convicted people of who they were and how they were living and she broke down and caused what became quite a scene.

Drawing I did above was on a big chart of flip chart papers joined together.  I did a fine pencil sketch in preparation and inked in with a thick khoki during the sermon.

It was modelled by my daughter Sinead who who was in Matric at the time.

I still have it somewhere.

Later I did a painting of the same scene:

This painting is smaller.  It is watercolour on 300gm Arches and is about 300x300mm.


13 thoughts on “Lunch with Simon

  1. Hello Stephen – Could I use your image as the background for my church’s worship slides this week? Our pastor is preaching on this passage this week and I think it’d be a beautiful image to have behind our song lyrics.

  2. Hello Stephen,
    Please could I use your painting of the woman washing Jesus’ feet for an event we have running in our church in a few weeks? If so, would you be able to send a high resolution image that we could print? The event is a series of reflective prayer stations journeying through events of holy week. Many thanks, Jo

  3. Love this. I feel like this beloved woman at times. It’s not shame or sin moving her to tears by this time. She’s clean. It’s the touch of his love still pouring into her life.

    • Hello Jen
      thanks for the note and forgive me for taking so long to appreciate your visit and your message. I think anyone who would have experienced the mixture of holiness and love from Jesus would have been moved to tears of grief and joy – and relief and the overwhelming feeling of his love. Pouring into her life. Yes. Oh I agree.

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