A man had two sons

I am sure you know the story that begins “A man had two sons…”:

A nice young Jewish boy has a light bulb moment…:

The other prodigal son… – no man – I should really have made his tunic a bit longer!!!:


4 thoughts on “A man had two sons

    • I started doing illustrations on overhead project sheets for family services when the young children stayed in the church instead of going to Sunday school. So I would work the night before and prepare the slides. Then one day I suggested to the preacher that we should try to do it real time. (yeah good question – what possessed me to do that) Anyway it went OK. It was on the transfiguration and I had a drawing of the disciples shielding their eyes. The first guy’s head was a squiggly line because my hand was shaking so much – but I eventually settled down. Since then I have done a few but not for a long time. We have another minister now who is a graphic designer and he does quite a few talks to children which he illustrates. He has a good sense of humour so it works well.
      it certainly is something quite different.
      Next Monday I am helping, in a team, to do some Graphic Facilitation in a Cafe Conversation – I facilitate well and I draw OK – with some wobbly bits at the start – so lets give it a go.

      Fun? mmm – maybe a bit too soon to say that – but definitely has the potential for it…

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