Betty’s Bay Commission

At last I have begun:











Each of the paintings is on a full sheet of 300gm Arches 300gm rough.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a chance to progress this.

Here is how it looks today 24 September.  This is a not a great photo – I had to climb up on a step ladder to get enough height to fit all three paintings in.

I have been out to Betty’s Bay again and have taken some photos in the late afternoon.  It takes a while to become familiar with a new scene to paint.

To see how I am doing I put the paintings against my bookshelf and look at them from outside my studio – like this:

And here we are late on Wednesday 28 September 2011.  Hey! the world didn’t end today!!! Phew – someone told me that Planet X was suppose to plough into planet Earth today.  Bah! – Though I suppose we still have an hour of today left around here.

Anyway – here is the painting as it looks now:










or like this:



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