Beach figures


I wrote two blog postings for my other world yesterday.  Well one, to be in my next newsletter is for Stephen the artist as well.  It is about Creative U Turns.  I got my submissions in for SASA at the last minute last week.  I almost canned the idea but I then decided to put my Easter Passion paintings out there.  Two made the cut, which is cool.  However, U Turns!  We gotta watch those U-Turns.  I will post something here when it goes out.

AND … Last night I managed to get some painting done.

Here are two paintings of a woman laying out her towel.  I want to get the final in at Chameleon Gallery in Kalk Bay – when it is ready.  So here is the first one.  This is on Arches Hot Pressed and is 280x190mm.

I wanted to get stronger colours down first time so, though it was late, I found a sheet of Arches 300gm CP and did it again.  This is also 280x190mm.


And, just to show that I have been doing some other work, the painting at the top of the posting is work I started a while ago and did some finishing on in the week.  Though it is not quite done, I find it is easy to glaze the lightness away in figures.  Maybe I will try it again.  This is on Arches Hot Pressed and is 190x380mm.

The paintings are from photos from the gallery on Magic Seaweed.




6 thoughts on “Beach figures

  1. Stephen! What beautiful figures. You have captured the shapes of her figure perfectly. (If I had a figure like that I’d be wearing my thong bikini too!)

    I can see the influence of Charles Reid in how you handled the skin tones and shadows. Beautiful work!

  2. Wow! The perspective is so interesting on that top painting of the surfer, Stephen. I absolutely am enjoying the play with the colors in the skin tones of the first lady laying out her towel. Excellent, all three!

  3. Wow! I have not been able to visit much lately and I have really been missing something. Your style has evolved so much! These paintings are gorgeous. So full of color and life and action and vitality. I could go on and on!

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