Your team in Light and Colour

Last night I did another “Team in Light and Colour” watercolour/business demo with the Cape Town SPIN.  During the demo I painted this view of Kogelbaai from the rocks on Arches 300gm Rough – 380x560mm.

I am pleased with the way the final version turned out.

This was a little more difficult because I had to update my presentation and practice my painting yesterday, the day of the presentation.  However it was OK and when I settled down I was able to present and paint and enjoy the moment.

Here is the first practice version I did in morning:

That was OK but I still had to practice with my talk and I did this version later in the afternoon:

I sometimes ask myself why I do this sort of thing.  It can be quite nerve-wracking.  And the answer always is that I know I can pull together something very exciting.  There is a fruitful area where these two worlds of mine overlap.  We all discussed the presentation when I was finishing up and I had some very interesting ideas offered by some of those who attended the talk.  So, the journey continues.


13 thoughts on “Your team in Light and Colour

    • Thanks Carol – I will keep you posted – (o: This will require a review and rewrite of the script first – I have some ideas.
      Dear me – you have been working hard lately – I have not visited your side for so long
      Cheers hey

  1. This is really amazing Stephen. I am sure the people enjoy this. Most of your ‘clients’ probably know nothing about art. I am glad for you. You must enjoy this a lot as well. Cecily

    • Hey Cecily – Yeah it is fun – a bit hair-raising but fun. And I get some positive feedback about the process. It seems that watercolour is a good metaphor. I intend to develop the presentation some more, a journey is underway.

  2. Thanks Stephen! The analogies and structure of the talk really sticks as a result. I think it works, and makes the audience work a bit.

    • Hey Albert – Wednesday was great. And it was good to see you again. I really want to come to a few more SPIN sessions. Thanks for the feedback. I am thinking through the presentation as we speak. S

    • Hi Leslie – heh heh – no man – it can be a bit hectic but it is so good when it comes together. Sheesh! Thanks for the positive note – I was down there again on Wednesday – it is such a beautiful scene. That rock with the pool on it is a very difficult shape. Cheers hey

  3. I tried to comment on your lovely Bass Lake sketch but some technological troll forbade it.
    I really enjoy seeing the demos and the preparatory work. I know that ‘nerve-wracking’ feeling.

    • Hey Barry – how are you doing? It is good to see you here and hear from you – sorry about the gremmy I am not sure what that was about. I have slipped on my visiting lately but want to come over to your side soon. Bye hey

  4. You are one brave fellow. It would terrify me to talk and paint in front of a group. No coordination. Your finished piece is lively and vibrant. Great work!

    • Hey Linda – it is so good to see you again – I too have been hopeless at getting out and about.
      I am looking forward to visiting your side tomorrow.
      thanks so much for these kind comments – I hope all is well your side.

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