Bass Lake Commission

Well at last I am working again.

I have been asked to do a painting of Bass Lake, a freshwater lake behind the beach dune in Betty’s Bay.  And here is how it all came together, this first go at it…

Eek – scary white sheet of Arches 300gm Rough – pristine- with my plan (such as it is)

The sketch – UGH! – start again…

OK – now I spent a little more time and attention on the plan – I have just worked with a team in the last week that agreed that in a project with a tight deadline it is best to have a tight plan.  mmmm – so you see…

And the drawing on the sheet is looking more promising

And here is the sky – drying next to me as I listen to Lou Reed – all the coloured girls go do de do do…

And here it is now for a break.  Sinead is making biscotti – but I am not allowed to touch till tea time.   But I sure there is an off-cut lying around…  When I get back I will get something different from Moody Blues to listen to.

Kulungele Lixesha ndifuna ukupunga – my best Xhosa for “tea time”.  Let the sheet dry nicely then touch ups.  I am thinking about the triptych…

And this is how it looks at the end of the day:




16 thoughts on “Bass Lake Commission

  1. Oh wow!!! This was worth the wait and all the clicks over, waiting for you to paint once again, Stephen. The sky!!!! I love it! I like the composition the most, the detail taking place in the middle ground and the lake laying between the mountains and the buildings. Interesting balance and contrast taking palce there. Makes me feel like the lake is being hugged by both man (the buildings) and nature (the mountains).

  2. Hey Leslie
    Thanks for this – it is so great to hear from you. And it felt so good to just paint today, though there were some fun interruptions from family. Thank you for your comments. The Fynbos is so full of different shades of green, I feel the urge to do this again. I love your comments. This is such a special place.

  3. Hi Stephen, I love the sweeping sky in your painting of bass lake. The mountains and homes in the background draw my eye right in, but I also really like the greenery in the foreground. Makes me want to step right into that scene.

    May I have a biscotti?

    • Hey howzit Carol – yes it is good to post just to hear from you guys. Thanks for the great feedback. Unfortunately the biscotti were gobbled up by family who came for tea on that day – and in short order – as well as a chocolate cake.

  4. This is a great view, and a fine painting that is beautifully executed to capture the essence of Betty’s Bay on a good day. The only better viewpoint of this scene can be found lying in the middle of the lake on your back, looking over your toes. Try it!

  5. This is so nice Stephen. I hope you could paint a lot in this long weekend you had. We are still settling in the ‘smaller’ house. All my paintings are still standing everywhere. Tomorrow I will tell Danie where I need nails on the walls and then your Pipe painting will hang in France. And I will have a piece of the Strand with me… Cecily : )

    • Hello Cecily – it is really good to hear from you. How are you enjoying your adventure?
      Yeah get Danie going on the paintings – there is a little piece of Strand over there is so cool.
      Unfortunately I had a LOT of work to do and managed to catch up a bit on the holiday.
      Things are a bit hectic now.
      But I took some time for a surf today and had some really really nice waves at the pipe which restored me nicely.
      I hope you are getting some painting done and lots of seeing the place.

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