WCWG watercolour demonstration

Here is the painting – yep the same scene – I did for the Western Cape Watercolour Group yesterday.

It is on 300g Arches and is 380 x 560 mm (half sheet).

Doing the demo was such fun – what a nice group of people.  Thanks to all of the organisers.

On Thursday night last week I had my debut for “Your Business in Light and Colour” which was really exciting.   You can read about it by clicking on the link above.  It was quite a challenge to cover all the points I wanted to cover, while I was painting.  But it went well.

So on Saturday I resolved to do the same scene in a demo mode but to take more time.  The demo was well attended and I took my time to draw the scene, set up and paint.  There was quite a large group there and I really felt I was amongst friends.



8 thoughts on “WCWG watercolour demonstration

  1. I love all the color you have allowed for in the forground rocks, Stephen. I also like the misty feel of the background. I think of all the ones you have done, I like this one the best! I can feel the wind and I can feel the mist….. Lovely!

    • Hey Leslie – this is a good one hey? The painting I did in the presentation was almost monochrome – unfortunately I gave it away before I took a photo of it. Having more time and feeling more relaxed about it all made a big difference for this one. I am really keen to go down there soon to paint this scene – at the scene. My heart is tugging…

    • Hi Richard – good to see you around – mmm – creating a sense of space is sometimes tricky – though there are principles to follow – all the bits and pieces to keep in mind – S

    • Hi Carol
      It is so good to have you visit this side of my life. Thanks for this. It has been a while since I have painted and I want to rectify this soon. It is great to hear from you here. Cheers hey

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