Demo practice 18 May 2011

The demo is tomorrow evening.  So I am getting back in a watercolour mindset after focusing on workshops in the last week.

this is on a half sheet of Arches.  I am cutting up my old paintings to practice on now.  And the whole presentation takes 52 minutes.  I did the sky with a 1 inch flat sable brush – zoop zoop zoop – ai

Here is version two from today:

And here is version 3:


7 thoughts on “Demo practice 18 May 2011

    • Hi Leslie
      Yes I started the demo just after you posted – thanks so much – it went well. I got some really good feedback and it seems many people really enjoyed it. I am totally on the hop having had a session today an early meeting with a client tomorrow and a demo for the local watercolour group tomorrow afternoon – but that will be a LOT more chilled, I assume – so I am looking forward to it.
      It has been so long since I came visiting my friends.
      I am going through a busy patch – in real understatement terms
      It was so good to see this message
      Cheers hey

  1. I attended the demo on “your business in light and color” and it was an inspiration…only comment may be to simplify…limit the volume of information to suit the obvious limitations of some in the audience, and to enable your better focus.

    Part definition of simplicity courtesy of Wikipedia: “Simplicity is the property of being simple. It usually relates to the burden which a thing puts on someone trying to explain or understand it.”

    Awaiting the “ten points”, and more great things from SJQ.


  2. Hi Stephen. I visited your other website. …to read the 10 points. I think you have something amazing here. Combining your two talents (‘work areas’). I am sure you are enjoying this.

    • Hi Cecily
      Lekker to see you again – thanks for this – I am very excited about where this could go – it was such fun.
      I have got some good ideas about updates and changes and have been asked to do it again in another forum.

      At the same time
      I did the same view for a demo at a meeting of the Western Cape Watercolour Group yesterday and it was so nice to just take it easy and do the same scene.

      How are all your plans going?

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