figure break

I have rocks coming out of my ears so last night after doing my demo I did this quick figure from a photo.

It is on some funny paper and is 350x250mm


9 thoughts on “figure break

  1. Lovely, Stephen! I was wondering if you would get tired of painting the same rocks, different ways. I was saying to myself, He has the patience of Job.” 🙂

    • Hey Leslie – I am somewhat driven by my intention to do a great presentation on the 17th. But also I so want to do something special with that scene. So this is the repetitive side of the creative side. And I am seeing things differently and am developing a new corner of talent. So all is good. I am also developing a yearning for something new, like figures, so that is also good. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to sleep. But when I push late nights it destroys me for a couple of days. So I am doing early mornings. I hope you are enjoying your Spring. It must be Summer for you now. We have had our first dusting of snow on the Boland Mountains. Cheers hey

  2. Rocks coming out of your ears! LOL. Sometimes I feel I have rocks in my head. But not your beautiful rocks. And where did you get an old photo of me. (Ha! I wish)

    Why was the paper funny? Was it telling you jokes while you painted. Nevertheless, the painting is lovely. That is some string bikini she’s wearing.

    • heh heh – yes, well I enjoy rocks – I am not sure why this is – perhaps because each one carries a personality and a story.
      Thanks for the comment.
      The gallery in Kalk Bay where I have some work seems to have a market for small figure studies, if they are simple and different.
      So I would like to do some beach paintings.
      Could be a fun project.
      The photo comes from Magic Seaweed, where we get our surf-report.
      And the paper?
      I don’t know, I think it was Fabriano or something, but it was a pinkish colour and seemed to absorb the watercolour too quickly
      I am coming over to see how you are doing there

  3. Hi,
    My name’s Frank and you left a comment on one of my grade 10 students’ blog for art, as he referenced you. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It was motivational for her and the class.

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