Demo practice #4

Here is the version from tonight’s practice.  I have felt ill all day but really wanted to do this.

This is on Arches 300gm (good old 300gm) Cold Pressed and is 380 x 560mm.

Well no one can accuse me of not practicing.  I have 11 points to get through and have them typed up – though some are still too sketchy and I kind of waffled a bit in places.  It is very hard to focus on drawing and talk about the similarity between a value sketch and a plan.  But I did a little value sketch and I did the drawing on paper as I spoke and I stopped to consult my notes.

And the whole presentation took 1 hour 9 minutes and 23 seconds – from “Good Evening…” to “Thank you and good night”.

Don’t you love the sky?  And see how I have simplified the sea?

But it is quite tense.  I have to fill out my notes and make them a whole lot easier to read while I do the practices.



7 thoughts on “Demo practice #4

  1. Hi Stephen, I am friend and ex-neighbour to Margie in Flaxton, Ixopo days.I find your work fascinating and very wow!Are your demo’s ongoing or only at certain intervals? Karien Greenland

    • Hi Karien – I have been doing demos on invitation at the watercolour societies around Cape Town.
      Not that many.
      For a long time now I have had the desire to find a common place for my watercolour and my consulting.
      This demo I am practicing is it.
      And – after this I am going to market it as a presentation I can do to organisations.

      However I am always game to do demo’s and workshops just for watercolour.
      Is there a big watercolour following in Ixopo?
      Are you a painter as well?
      Thanks so much for leaving a note here.


    • Hey Leslie – yeah I am good to go – just getting my presentation sussed out. And some technology. I am so looking forward to this. The guys sent out the invite yesterday. I will post a copy here too. heh heh your support is very much appreciated – S

  2. Wow, You really like to be prepared! And I think you are. I like these rocks. They lead the eye directly towards the mountains. I hope you post the video of your demo. I would LOVE to see it.

    Like Leslie says…we are fans of SJQ!

    • Hi Carol

      Yes, normally I would take it far easier.
      However I will be facing people who may not be so enthralled by watercolour itself.
      It will be interesting to see how it is received.
      I am hoping that watching watercolour will weave a spell.

      Talking while I paint is very difficult for me.
      So I don’t want to waffle or have long silences – which is what usually happens in demos.
      It is one thing talking about what I am doing.
      It is quite another thing talking about completely other stuff.
      Like patting your head while rubbing your tummy.

      Ag – you are so supportive – it is just so great having you along on this ride.
      I will try to get the record to work.

      Cheers hey


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