demo practice

Today I did more practice for my demo on the 17th.  I want to complete a painting within 50 minutes, while I am talking about the learnings for teams.  This took 1 hour 23 minutes, including the time I took to talk.

This is on Arches 300gm Cold Pressed and is 380x560mm

So I want to streamline it.  Actually I think I could leave some of it off altogether.  What do you think?

Here is the value sketch (07:21):

And here is the sketch transferred to paper(20:00) – I can save a lot by having this already drawn out – and I can take more time over the drawing:

And here is the first wash, going as dark as possible (46:00) – I could almost stop here:

Here is the second rock (1:11:00) – the boulder is a very tricky shape and I will practice it a little more to get it hard-wired (as the climbers say):

And here is the step before last:

and last (1:23:49) – mmm the green is too green again – too much windsor green – that stuff is so strong:



4 thoughts on “demo practice

  1. I’m out of breath reading your post! 🙂 I’m not sure how you could cut down the time for your demo, and what if people ask questions? Perhaps you could have it drawn and some washes down on some of the rocks. Then you could demonstrate how you put the washes down so people can see completed rocks and how you get to that spot.

    Whew, not I must nap.

    • (o: – yes that is exactly my strategy – I did that the first time I did a demo – so I know it works. My first approach is to get the presentation and the painting to work so that I can do them together but with this one I found it very hard to concentrate on the shapes while I was talking about something else – and that was without an audience. I also have to find a video camera I can use to hook up to a projector as mine was stolen this time last year – so there is quite a bit to prepare. It is still fun though – so that is OK. How are you doing there? Are you enjoying in Spring?

    • Hey Leslie – thanks for that – it is definitely a departure – and I am feeling the push towards new approaches to watercolour – so this is good. I am getting to know the scene well (heh heh) but am not concerned about doing the same thing over and over (having done it oft times before).

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