The Passion – the betrayal

Last night I did the first paintings, in a service at our church, in a series for Easter.  The first was based on the plan I did a while ago.  The betrayal and arrest in the garden:

This is on a full sheet of Arches 300 gm Cold Pressed.  760x560mm




10 thoughts on “The Passion – the betrayal

  1. I knew it!!!! I was thinking the other day about you saying you wanted to do this series and kind of had a hunch you might post one today. Beautiful, Stephen. Beautiful. You captured it.

    • Hi Leslie – I was a bit nervous about it all because I have not painted as much as I wanted to this year – so I didn’t tell anyone – thanks so much for the support here – this is very hard

  2. Did you do this with your church members watching? Very brave! And very moody and evocative. Wonderful work!

    • Yes – it was more difficult to focus than I thought it would be – but everyone was very supportive so it was a great exercise. We had a prayer watch at the church and everything quietened down from about ten oclock and I was able to work till half past one in the morning. Next day I was a bit wrecked though. Nice to see you here

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