sketches in the docks

OK, you know how the best way to get someone to move is to wait until they look settled and then try to sketch them or paint them?

Well this week I had a couple of hours to gather myself between meetings and happened to be in the Cape Town waterfront.  I was quite tired but had some paper and a pencil and thought to do a sketch.

And there was the tug – The Plamiet – moored across the bay.  Well she is not going anyway (thought I) and proceeded to sketch from the bow forrad (can you pick up the nautical twang).

Well I have got to about midships (see?) when I saw movement on deck.  By the time I was drawing the bridge someone pulled up the gangplank.  And it was only by speeding up (a lot) that I was able to finish before she revved up and zooted out beyond the breakwater – going backwards – as tugs seem to do with Voith Schneider drives.

I watched a while and then I started did this sketch.   As I worked a mobile crane was brought back to its mooring by another tug.


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