Rhodes Memorial

Today I had some time to do this painting in the roaring wind in the pine grove above Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town.

This is 280x180mm on arches 185gm Cold Pressed

8 thoughts on “Rhodes Memorial

    • Yes! You speak as a true outdoors painter. This is so funny. At one point I did indeed have to go chasing after my water box and a card I had in my art-box. I had to put my box down, put a rock on my sheet of paper and go running down the hill. Fortunately the box didn’t go too far though. Once long ago my father and I went to paint at Kogelbaai. As we looked around he said, “the important thing is to find a comfortable place to sit”. A wisdom I repeat to myself whenever I go out. I had carried a log to a place where I could sit and lean against a tree. I tried to get shelter but it was scant.
      The other wisdom I give myself of course is that being there is more important than creating a masterpiece. So I am pleased with this is all the ways. It was a time for reflection and appreciation. Rhodes Memorial is on the slopes of Devil’s Peak (mmm yes this is poetic). And Table Mountain stands out behind the Peak. Next time I will paint these.
      Nice to see you here – I hope you are having a relaxing and creative weekend. I am up early with a brainwave. It is still dark and the moon is going down. Sprocket and Mia are lying together on a blanket in the space between my bookshelves.

  1. One of my favorite art school instructors was Franklin ‘Archie’ Arbuckle. He was a devoted outdoor painter who had worked with members of Canada’s Group of Seven landscape painters (a national institution).

    ‘Paint in the shade!’he said on more than one occasion.

    Nice fresh piece, by the way. I can feel the breeze.

    • Hi Barry – I like that too – I have considered taking an umbrella to paint in the shade – but I fear the set up syndrome – spending so much time setting up that painting becomes a chore. But shade makes a big difference
      All the best your side

    • Yes I realise you would appreciate this – and if I were to be able to take a page out of your book, I would learn to paint and then to have a restful snooze in some of these beautiful places – now there is a life-skill I want to develop.

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