Yesterday I attended a breakfast talk in the morning and did these sketches of the guys sitting around me:

Once I settled down I got some good likenesses.

Then later I went down for a surf.  The pipe was crashing on a sandbank which was fun for the short board guys but a bit hectic for me on a longboard.  So I came out and had time for this quick sketch before Calvin came out:

This is 380X280 on Arches 185gm Cold Pressed.  The sky was full of different clouds.


8 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. How good you are with drawing groups, Stephen. I remember the painting that first attracted my interest and caused me to begin to follow your blog and learn from you. It wasa painting of a group of people sitting around at some event. I love that painting!
    Nice to see a painting of the pipe! 🙂

    • heh heh – The Pipe is really pumping today – I heard there were six meter waves coming in- which for us is really big. But sadly I was snowed under today.
      It is always so good to get your affirming notes.
      Thanks Leslie

    • Hey Richard
      Yep – mostly people are uncomfortable with the attention I think.
      Most of these guys were not aware of what I was doing.
      The chap sitting on my right asked what I was doing and we had a chat about it.
      He seemed cool with the idea.

      thanks for the feedback.

      I would love to paint the same scenes

  2. Stephen, You have a real talent for capturing faces and postures. Excellent!
    I love the watercolor and the way you positioned everything high on the paper with a big sweep of white at the bottom. It feels like sun on a hot beach. Lovely color and movement also.

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