Passion – part 3

This is an initial sketch of the crucifixion.

It is 180x280mm on 185gm Arches CP.

Well I never dreamed I would ever paint this subject. But here it is.  This is part of the passion series I am keen to do soon.  I want to do more figure studies to get the musculature right.

This is the final planning sketch I did before I decided I should stop messing around in pencil and paint.  While I was doing it I was struck by the shame and cruelty of this method of execution.  I have not reflected much on the lot of the condemned and I was struck by the horror of  the inescapable futility of it all.  This is not a light topic.  Ai! – what a journey!

8 thoughts on “Passion – part 3

  1. The abstract quality and the feeling that comes through in this work you are doing holds me spellbound, Stephen. That hand to the right. The heads of the men to either side of Christ hold so much expression. The composition is awesome.

    • Hi Leslie – thanks for this – as I held my hand to look at it for the drawing I thought of having a spike driven through my wrist and what that would do to the tendons and fingers. It was such a cruel way to punish people. And from the reading it sounds like it was an everyday sight. Man! I want to do another sketch with Jesus head at a different angle.

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! What power. The composition is so strong. Can’t wait to see how you progress with this. You are full of courage to take on such a meaningful painting. Be bold!

  3. Wow. I’ve just discovered your site and am enthralled with this painting and with the others I’ve looked at. I am looking forward to seeing more in this series! This is the perfect time of year for it, too.

    • Hey Leslie – it is so good to meet with you here – thanks for the encouragement – I have a couple more to do on this series and then I want to do them on bigger sheets – so… lets see how that goes – I am coming over to see your blog soon … Stephen

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