Friends chatting at The Pipe

This is Rian and Ivor chatting at The Pipe.

This is 280x180mm on 85gm Arches Cold Pressed.

I had some time on the beach and was going to paint.  Mikhail, owner of Son Surf was there coaching some of the young guys and and there were various parents standing around.  Quite still I might add.  For ages.  The waves were really nice and the water was warm and I had surfed at lunch time so I thought I would leave the waves for the guys who were in.  I had work to do but took along my watercolour kit while Ethan had a surf with his mates.

Anyway – I ended up chatting with with my friend Andy Pitt  from Breach, for ages, which is always a good experience.  And as I settled down to paint – everyone left except these two guys.  The guy on the left was sifting sand through his hand.  As we do on the beach.  So I started painting and then Rian came over to see what I was doing.  And then he offered to take up his position again.  Nice hey?  So I finished this off.   As I was packing away the wind came up and filled everything with sand.  A normal day on the beach.  They were so friendly that I signed the painting and gave it to Rian.   That is when they introduced themselves.   He said he and his friend were talking about how gracious God has been to them.  So it was all rather special.

It always feels so good to be painting again.

BTW I have been reading a friends postings about “making every stroke count“.  check it out.  Mara has set herself the task to get this right in Oils.  Yesterday I had this on my mind as I started but then got caught up in the detail and drying paint and the colours and before I knew it it was done.  Making every stroke count is a wonderfully difficult and valuable goal.


10 thoughts on “Friends chatting at The Pipe

  1. I think I can see the influence of making every stroke count in this painting of yours. With some simple strokes and pencil lines you’ve captured a serene setting of two men chatting on the beach.

    • Hi Carol – thanks for this – serene – that is just how it was – the sound of the waves, people chatting – walkers moving up and down the shoreline – mmm – thanks

  2. Hi Stephen – it was a very special conversation that will be remembered for a long time – maybe forever! Riaan & his family have stood by our family through many special times. We share a common faith in the true God of Creation. Your painting has a very special additional dimension when we look at it and remember that moment. Regards Ivor (Ps 34:1)

    • Wow – who would have thought – this is very beautiful. thanks for leaving this note. Riaan also sent me an e-mail. Thanks Ivor – I will check out the reference when I take a break later. Maybe I will see you guys at The Pipe again sometime.
      yours – Stephen

  3. Hello Stephen,

    What a beautiful picture of the two men, as you say, ”Friends Chatting at the Pipe.” Both of these guys are part of our church family and are good friends. This past Sunday, as part of our morning service, I was illustrating how life in the church or in the family of God is supposed to be lived out and I projected your artwork.

    We have as our theme at Mountain View, “Doing Life Together God’s Way.” That is what you’ve captured. I discovered that these men were having a wonderful chat that day, sharing the things God is doing in their lives… or as we would say, “Doing Life Together.”

    If I could rephrase the caption on the picture, I would call it just that, “Doing Life at the Pipe.” Your picture speaks volumes to the truth that real life for the believer, more often than not, happens outside the walls of a church building as we penetrate each other’s lives with the things of God.

    Well done. It’s a wonderful picture and a blessing to all of us.

    Pastor Tom

    • Hi Pastor Tom – it is good to have you visit here – Ivor and Riaan have both contacted me so it is all quite special. I am quite touched to hear how the painting was received – AND projected for the church nogal – what a thing! – Strand Pipe Beach has always been a special place to me – So often, when the going gets tough I have quiet times enjoying the beauty there. Isn’t God good to us? – I find myself wondering how it is that we who deserve destruction get the beauty and, when it works, excellent surf – and when it is not so good we get to enjoy great company on the beach or behind the break.
      Thank you for this uplifting note.
      All the best to you and all your family at Mountain View

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