Constantia Demo

Last week at this time I was driving around Meadowridge, to find the venue for a watercolour demo.  The group was the Constantiaberg Art Society and I had offered to do the demo.  And what a friendly group of people they were.  Thank you so much all of you for the warm welcome you gave me.  I have not been painting much this year, as my lack of posting here attests and I must say I felt a little rusty.   But I decided to put this to the group and suggested that I would find a photo on my lap-top and paint from that, using my outdoor kit.  “Lets all pretend we are  down at The Pipe”.

So here is my first piece.  I guess if I had been feeling more confident I would have done a single painting but allowed myself this start:

this was on 300gm Arches 370×280.  There is some fun stuff going on in the sky but overall mmm.  Ja well no fine!

Then I suggested we do a painting of the rocks near Kogelbaai – as I did in my last demo.:

This painting is also on 300gm Arches cold pressed and is 370x560mm.   As I worked I felt the joy of painting flowing through me again and slowly the room receded being called back now and again to give a commentary or answer questions.  I love painting so much.  And then people started to get up to leave and I realised I had reached the end of the demo.  I was just getting going.  Finishing on time is important in these things but a small group stayed on for a few minutes while I finished off.

What a friendly group of people they were.  There were some tip tip top watercolourists in the group and they were all encouraging and friendly.  Thank you so much all of you for the warm welcome you gave me.  As I finished, Ivette, who had managed my invitation gave me a thanks speech, some money for the demo and this delightful, post-card sized painting, which she had done.  It was all so special.


6 thoughts on “Constantia Demo

    • Hey Margie babes – I love it so much when you comment here.
      It was a blast!!!

      I have such a cool idea about where this integrates with my other life

      I want to tell you soon

      Cheers hey

  1. I can tell from following your blog that rocks are a comfort zone for you. You handle them beautifully. Your first demo, however, is sweet. I’m sure the audience learned a great deal from it. It’s nice to hear honest thoughts from another artist who puts it on the line when demonstrating in front of art groups and classes. It’s not easy but it can be extremely rewarding

    • Hey Barry – thanks for this – it is rewarding hey? I can see from your blog that you love teaching. Thanks for these points for reflection.

      I have looked at the first demo again – in the light of your comment and I like it more. Thank you for this encouragement. Can we ever dull the internal critic???

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