Passion project

I would like to do a series of paintings on the passion of Christ.  I am not sure what will come of my whole plan but I want to share my preparation with my blog friends.

So here is the first – The betrayal in the garden:

They are 190x280mm.

I have done a number of pencil sketches, designs for paintings.  I have been humming and hahing for ages and yesterday decided to start.  I cut up some unfinished figure paintings and did these two paintings.  I want to work fast, with lots of wet into wet.  mmm – I have lots of practice to do.  This is quite different from what I do now.    AND I want to do the final paintings on those big sheets from Artsource – 600 gm Arches Cold P – 1500 x1000 mm.   So that is the plan – well part of it.

And here is the second so far – the Denial:


8 thoughts on “Passion project

    • Hi Leslie – hey nice to see you on a Wednesday morning here – mmm – it is a bit of a mission. But I have been reading Peter Block again. He talks about how we keep asking “how” in order to procrastinate and how we should rather get going and reflect on what other things we should drop and how we can illustrate the change we want to see. All of that…
      I have also been working on who I am as a consultant – and after all these years I am experiencing wonderful crystallisation of ideas – so it is all good stuff.

      Thanks for your support on this project – I am hoping to do some more painting late this week. Have a great day your side. I see people are speaking about indications of early Spring in the Northern Hemisphere which must be exciting.

      Cheers hey


  1. I like these very much and look forward to seeing the rest.

    What I particularly like is the back and forth in tones and values. It makes the paintings move and dance. Well, maybe dance is not the right word when you’re trying to paint The Passion, but I think you know what I mean.

    • I know just what you mean – it would be great if I could achieve that effect in the final version. I want to capture the confusion of the arrest with people arriving with torches and weapons the disciples waking up from sleeping on the watch. Thanks Carol – I am hoping to get some more work done tomorrow

  2. Hi there Stephen,
    Great demo on Tuesday night – it’s really great to see the different ways watercolourists use to paint! I see your blog is part of your web site – that is why it doesn’t appear under Members Blogs!

    • Hi Liz
      I really enjoyed meeting your group the other night.
      The week has been a whirlwind and I have not been able to post the work yet but hope to get it on tomorrow.
      AND do some painting –

      Have a great weekend

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