Alma Luce – Kalk Bay

My resolve sometimes fails me.  I lose heart.  Last week I went through to Kalk Bay one afternoon to pay my gallery for framing.  I had planned to sit and paint somewhere but got to the harbour as the fishing boats were returning.  I took out my camera to take some photos but alas the batteries were flat.  Not a problem.  I had more recharged.  mmm – not one held any charge.  OK I thought – lets take some photos with my cell phone – but that soon filled out the memory card.

My friends on the Violet Glen came in loaded with snoek but and I stood and watched as they offloaded.


Eventually I reluctantly took out a little sketch-book and did these sketches.  I was not going to post them – but feel like I should.

these are of a large boat – the ‘Alma Luce’

I have kept them small because the sketchbook fitted in my palm – mmm

this was a group of guys sorting out something on board.

Here I tried to capture the curves in the hull as accurately as possible.  Boats have such beautiful lines.

I remember in the slapstick movie “The Adventures of Picasso” the movie shows him pressed up against a tree as the narrator says “He spent his time sketching”  When he stays faced to the tree the Narrator says “Ahem – HE SPENT HIS TIME SKETCHING”  then Picasso turns around and shows a small sketch book with the most beautiful drawing of a butterfly.  I have always wanted to do amazing sketches in small notebooks since then.


6 thoughts on “Alma Luce – Kalk Bay

  1. You think so? mmm – I think so too – time to put aside the little critic and enjoy the work – thanks for the support Carol – A tourist on the quay commented on the sturdiness of the fishing boats and I so wanted to get that in the sketch – this is a cool project for another go…

    • mmm – thanks Leslie – that is an interesting idea – in fact that I like that idea a lot
      At the moment my other life is pretty much taking over my whole diary
      This would make a nice little project

  2. Hi – I was just trying to say sorry about your broken rib, that’s not nice -I had one once & it’s very painful & annoying for going swimming. I couldn’t comment on the above post as it wouldn’t open – in fact any other posts above that are hidden to me.

    Hope you aren’t suffering too much.

    • Hi Sonya – man we are really battling with your connection – sorry about that – it is good to see you here – the rib is well enough for more surfing – so all is well in the world – (o:

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