SASA Merit Exhibition

A couple of weeks ago I submitted my seven paintings for the South African Society of Artists merit exhibition.  Some were from a little while ago and some were a result of the work I did over the December holiday period (after the DIY interlude).

This is what I submitted:

Framed work:

The “Violet Glen” returning to Kalk Bay harbour to offload their catch.

Trek Fishermen waiting on Smitswinkelbaai beach


Pipe beach on a rainy day

Ethan doing an Ollie #2

Yeah – Ethan doing an Ollie –

unframed (mounted work)

Painting the road-signs in Kalk Bay harbour

Table Mountain from the Pipe Beach in the evening.

Well I did not sell a painting which of course was disappointing but not devastating.  It was just so good to be exhibiting with the group.

8 thoughts on “SASA Merit Exhibition

  1. Oh but congratulations to you on showing and getting your work out there to be seen, Stephen. Every one of these paintings is beautiful! Our economy is so poor right now, here, that I am seeing the same paintings exhibited over and over again in the local shows. It will get better and people will, once again, have the extra to invest in your work!

  2. Beautiful, vibrant paintings! I agree with Leslie. It is hard to sell right now but I am continuing to show and to enter competitions. I love the feedback!

    • Thanks Linda – yes I agree – this is a tough climate for selling. And I also think competitions are a fun way to gauge our growth and get feedback. Perhaps there is a point at which the competitions become more important than the art – or something like that. It is good to hear from you here.

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