Another list

Well I have been added to another list – along with some of my friends here.  The top 50 watercolour blogs.  I think it is quite fun actually.  Check it out at:

11 thoughts on “Another list

    • Yeah – well – it does seem a bit spammish – but at least they offered something. I have had requests to put links on my site that are incredibly arbitrary. And in return my little website name gets added to a list of thousands and thousands –

  1. Beautiful paintings. Who knows why there were no sales – money is tight, times are hard, people aren’t buying as much right now. It definitely doesn’t mean these are not beautiful works of art. I, too, was on that list and wondered but received a very nice email from the woman who wrote the article and who knows the connections to come later because of it? I think I gained a lot more viewers/followers from the previous Top 50 list I that included my blog.

    • Hey Rhonda
      Well there you are. List do give some profile in the end.
      I am not fussed about not selling – I know I need to get my work in front of the people who want it – really badly – and that is quite a fun part of it all.
      Cheers hey


  2. First I wanted to say congratulations on how your new site is looking.
    Don’t worry about not selling stuff- exhibitions aren’t just about that (though of course it’s always nice!)I especially like the vertical landscape at the bottom.
    I too wondered about the ultrasounds thing, but I decided it’s quite an interesting idea & probably helps the person’s website to appear higher up the pages in search engines because it’ll have got lots of clicks by us curious artists! So probably good for her profession & harmless for ours: She has taken some trouble too to find out about the different sites.

    • Hi Sonya – hey it is good to see you here.
      this is the time of year we get cumulonimbus clouds forming on the other side of the Hottentots Holland mountains and they always remind me of your paintings.
      I agree with your approach to exhibitions.
      Thank you too for your level approach to the list business – I appreciate your wisdom

      I trust your exhibition is going well.

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