Lourensford farmers market

Well the year is hurtling ahead.   For the past few weeks I have been focusing on consulting.   I intend to post regularly on my consulting blog and this requires me to write.  Often.  And this is not easy.  Anycase I started a posting on Friday night after visiting Daphne GrayGrant’s website for some tips.  If any of you need help with writing skills I can recommend this port of call.  (note the picturesque speech – ‘port of call’ – ahem aaaahhhem)  – you may also notice that I have replaced “My intention..” with “I intend..” – getting rid of sloppy ‘tion’ nouns converted from nice clean verbs.  OK – move on – it just feels good to be improving in this area.

On Saturday we all went to the farmers market at Lourensford farm for some lunch.  It was nice and hot and we sat and chatted under a tree and looked out over the orchards at the Hottentots Holland mountains.  I noticed a couple sitting in front of me eating sushi or something with chopsticks and did this little sketch.  Of course they got up to leave but I was pretty much done so it wasn’t too serious.

This is 180 x 280 mm on 185gm Arches Cold pressed.


2 thoughts on “Lourensford farmers market

    • Hi Carol
      I have been slow to post lately and slower to respond to comments. I am working hard to get my other life up and running. But I have some time to pause.
      thanks so much for the positive comments
      How are you doing that side?
      Spring is coming your way…

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