Painting the road in primary colours

Today I went to Kalk Bay again.  They are cleaning up the harbour area and I did this painting of a chap painting the road signs

This painting is 380 by 280 mm on 185gm Arches cold-pressed.

It was not as busy as before and I had a chance to walk around the harbour with my sister Margie.  She is an architect, with an eye for interesting shapes and colours.   We were wandering through the parking lot when she pointed out this chap renewing the road signs on the tarmac.  This is not how I wanted it but it is a start.  His shirt was a bright bright red – maybe it is time to look at other possible colours.  I used Scarlett Lake, Cadmium Red and Aliz Crimson (for the darker parts).   This has been a welcome respite from mermaids on the way way rocky beaches.

The Chameleon Gallery also took eight of my paintings – but more of that later.

OK this is too literal.  Last night I began thinking of a slightly different approach to this.  I woke up this morning thinking I want to paint a view that focusses on his hands, one showing the care in the work he is doing and the other illustrating the concentration – like when kids put out their tongue as they work.   While I was working I allowed the brush and the paper to become a bit too wet and lost control of the swatches I was trying to put down.  Still – not a bad start.


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