Muizenberg corner on a Summer’s day

Yesterday we all went out to meet the cousins and Torill at Muizenberg.  The waves were small but it was a beautiful day so we sat and chatted and I did this painting.

This is 280 x 380 mm on 185gm Arches Hot Pressed.  (loving the hot-pressed).

After putting in all of the detail in the cottage on the point I felt the need for people.  Well the beach was quite crowded by then.  So I asked Margie and Torril to stand in an unposed way for me.  And there they are.

6 thoughts on “Muizenberg corner on a Summer’s day

    • Hi Cecily – thanks – this was fun.
      After this we walked over to Kalk Bay along the beach path – the whole of cape town was out. On the way back Ethan wanted to go by train for fun. Big mistake! People pushed in so badly we only just got out in time at Muizenberg. Won’t do that in a hurry again.

  1. Stephen you are growing so much and expending your art subjects! I like the two figures in the foreground and all the lovely detail in the background.

    It really looks like a beautiful day.

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