Bathing at Smitswinkels bay

So here is another take.  After this it is time to complete the fishermen.

This is also on Arches Hot pressed (185gm) and is 280 x 380 mm.

Here is the second posting earlier this afternoon.  I have a feeling that less is more here:

Here is the first posting of this work along with the comments:

And I have ten minutes to be in bed – I feel the painting drawing me in – but I need a good sleep or I turn ugly…


10 thoughts on “Bathing at Smitswinkels bay

  1. Hi Steve
    Very good. I like the depth brought out by the light contrast of the girl against the rock, and even the depth difference from one leg to the other. A clear focal point that draws the eye in and with complementary colours in the rocks. Nice

    • Howzit James – thanks man – mmm I am quite pleased with this – just a bit more to define the rock and the sea then it is done I think.
      Have a great day over there –

      Mind the bears

  2. Sadly, no painting today. Work and some family matters have kept me from painting recently. Plus I have to do more on my sketchbook. Soon though, I will be back to painting regularly.

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