Swimming at Smitswinkel bay

OK – so I needed a break from the fishermen.  I will get back to the guys soon I hope.  Hey! maybe they are asking to be done a sheet of Hot pressed.  Mmm – there is a thought.

This painting is on Arches Hot Pressed – 185gm and is 280x560mm

Anycase here is a painting of one of the people who were down at the beach in Smitswinkel bay on Monday.  I will need to look at this in the morning.  I can already see a couple of finishing things.

Here is the version I posted last night, thanks for you comments Carol.    I think the rocks on the right are still too intense.  mmmm – let me watch it a while longer.


2 thoughts on “Swimming at Smitswinkel bay

  1. I love how you did the water coming in the small inlet. I have a question, though. I love the the small rocks leading into the inlet where the girl is standing. But they seem more of the focus of the painting rather than the girl. Was that your intention? She is lovely too.

    • Hi Carol
      thanks for this note. First you need to know how much I appreciate your feedback. I agree, the rocks are very strong. As I posted last night I thought I want to do some transition rocks behind them, a little stronger, to bridge to the background. But the real issue is with the girl. The shadows on her body are actually much darker. And the granite outcrop also has darker shadows. I am concerned that if I make them too dark the light in the painting will fade and, more critically, I will lose the effects of the first washes on the girl. mmm – I have the painting up next to me and will reflect on it through the day. I think this is heading for a version 2.
      Have a great day over there.
      I hope the weather is behaving.

      My first response to my painting is always hyper-critical.
      But now as I look at it I see small changes perhaps that will pull it together.
      The process unfolds…

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